Story Book Project - Lilla älvan Lovis

This was one of several group projects that groups consisting of about 3 Computer Graphic Design students and 2 Digital Design students from Yrgo got to make. Each group had to write a story and create images for a book. For my group's book, I modelled the fairy, the fairy godmother's head, the treasure chest (just the chest itself, not the content) and the piece of cake (plate included) in 3DS Max, where I also used CAT (Character Animation Tool) and a Skin modifier on the fairy to make her move to the required poses. Adobe Photoshop was used to add visual effects to the images. I also wrote the story, which was then edited by one of the Digital Design students.

Other Team Members: Einar Dahl, Mathias Lorensson, John Petersson and Max Berner Branzell

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