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Freelance 3D-Artist, Writer & Game Designer
Ready to be at your service!

Here's what I can help you with:​​​​​​​
Computer Graphics Design
- 3D Modelling
- Basic 3D CAT-Rigging and Animation
- Creating Environments Suitable for VR
- Visual Effects​​​​​​​

Specialty: Creating 3D assets for games and VR.

Image and Video Editing
- Editing photos and videos
- Visual Effects
- Image and Video Photography
- Photo Scanning

Specialty: Nature and Concert Photography.
- Creative Writing for Books, Short-Stories and Games
- Reviews for Games, Events, Electronics and Other Products
- Translation (Swedish and English)
- Blogging

Specialty: Writing easily-understood texts.
Game Design
- Story-Writing
- Testing
- Translation (Swedish and English)
- Creating 3D Objects and Scenes
- Creating Characters

Specialty: Finding bugs and flaws many tend to miss.
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